Visiting the Monastery

Anyone is welcome to visit the monastery. You can visit by attending our Sunday program, stopping by for a tour, staying for one or several days to follow the schedule with the community, or attending an event. Because of our active and changing schedule it's important to contact us before arriving. Our office hours and phone number are listed on the bottom of this page.  Please see also our page on residential training if you are interested in a stay of one month or longer.

The Sunday program is offered every Sunday from 10am to 1pm. The program includes a Zen chanting service, seated and walking meditation, a Dharma Talk, and lunch. An Introduction to Meditation class is also offered for those new to meditation. Private interviews with Zen Teacher Hogen Bays are available for ZCO members.  Click here to learn more about our Sunday program.

Tours of the monastery are available during office hours when we are not in a retreat. If you would like to arrange a tour email the Registrar, or call her at 503-728-0654.

Following the schedule with the community:  We welcome anyone who would like to practice here with us during our regular training week.  We often rise at 3:50 AM for a full day of meditation, work, etc. Click here to see our daily schedule and make sure that you are willing to participate wholeheartedly, and then contact the registrar about arrival and departure times.  The suggested donation for such a stay is $55/night.

Events at the monastery take place most weekends, and each month we have a week-long meditation retreat. Accommodations for events are mostly  dormitory-style. We have a few private rooms which may be available on request for couples or guests with a specific need (CPAP, physical challenge, etc). Towels, linens, and blankets are all provided, though guests are encouraged to bring sleeping bags if they have them (this helps us do less laundry). Click here to see a list of our events.

Private retreats:  We have some space for private (solo) retreat and can offer this as our schedule allows to those who already have a well established meditation/retreat practice.

Accomodations for a private retreat are either a private room or our Retreat Hermitage. The cost is $75 per-night. Meals may be taken in community or received in private.  If you would like to inquire about the possibility of a personal retreat, please email the Registrar with some information about your background and intentions for retreat, or call her at 503-728-0654. The cost is negotiable for those wishing for a longer retreat or in financial difficulty. 

Great Vow Office Hours

Tuesday - Saturday: 9am - 5pm (unless we are in a retreat)

Our office is closed Sunday afternoons and all day Monday.

Office phone: 503-728-0654


Directions to the monastery