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Great Vow Zen Monastery

Sunday Morning Program

On Sunday mornings the monastery hosts a public Sunday Program beginning at 10 a.m. with a short service, followed by two 25-minute periods of zazen, divided by 10 minutes of walking meditation, and then ends with a talk by one of the teachers or senior students. Meditation instruction is available for beginners.

Lunch is served after the talk, around noon, and all are welcome.

Childcare is available for young ones.

When coming to meditate please wear comfortable, loose clothing. Please do not wear shorts, tank tops, beeping watches or bright colors.

Meditation can be done in any comfortable, upright posture. Cushions, benches, and chairs are provided.

Visiting the monastery

To visit the monastery, Jizo Garden, or Shrine of Vows, or to arrange for a tour, contact the office: send an email or call 503-728-0654.

The monastery is closed to visitors from Sunday afternoon until Tuesday​ afternoon and also during our ​monthly ​silent retreats​.​ Please check the calendar before planning your visit.

Staying at the monastery

Overnight guests stay in the guest hall (semi-private dormitory), follow the daily monastery schedule, and share meals with the community. A donation is suggested.

Private retreat accommodations are sometimes available for those with significant prior meditation or contemplative experience. Private retreatants can follow their own schedule in solitude. Private retreats are sliding scale please contact Jogen for more information about availability and costs.

Arrangements for overnight stays can be made by emailing the registrar or by calling the monastery at 503-728-0654.

Monastic life

Zen Buddhist monastic life is based upon simplicity, silence, self-investigation, and wholehearted effort. This is embodied by our daily schedule of silent meditation (zazen), chanting, work practice, and community living. Beginning and ending each day with zazen helps put all our activity into perspective and offers an opportunity to cultivate a calm mind and open the heart so we can look into our essential nature.

About Great Vow

Great Vow Zen Monastery is a residential community of lay and ordained people engaged in around-the-clock Buddhist practice. The practice heritage of the monastery is the Soto/Rinzai lineage of Taizan Maezumi, Roshi enriched by the teachings of the Tibetan and Theravada traditions.

Abbots Jan Chozen Bays, Roshi and Hogen Bays, Roshi are the spiritual directors and head teachers of the monastery with teaching assistance from other ZCO teachers, lay and ordained. Great Vow offers residencies, retreats, and workshops that are open and available to everyone. There are many ways you can practice here.

The monastery is located 80 miles northwest of Portland, Oregon on twenty forested acres overlooking the Columbia River flood plain. The monastery includes a spacious meditation hall, guest and resident dormitories, dining hall, and a large organic vegetable garden.

Within the forest is Great Vow's famous Jizo Garden, a memorial garden for people who have died, and the newly dedicated Shrine of Vows, a place where people leave tokens of their deep aspirations.

Residential Practice

Residential practice is one of the most potent ways to engage our whole being in the practice of Zen Buddhism. The benefits of residency include daily zazen, one-on-one and group interaction with the teachers, weekend retreats and workshops, and the heart of our monastic practice - the monthly sesshin (6-10 day silent meditation retreats). There are residential practice opportunities available year round at Great Vow. Please see Residential Training for information.

Summer Residency Program

The Summer Program is an opportunity to plunge into Zen monastic practice with the support of community and teachers and taste the benefits of calming the mind and opening the heart. There is a minimal fee for residency during the Summer Program, though donations during the summer months (or any other time) are very much appreciated. The Summer Program is 6 weeks long. For more about this program, click here

Please email Director of Training for an application.


Great Vow Zen Monastery

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