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Summer Monastic Immerision Program

2019 Summer Program:
July 11 - August 26

The Summer Program is an opportunity to plunge into Zen monastic practice with the support of community and teachers, and taste the benefits of calming the mind and opening the heart. Summer Program Residents are held in the monastic schedule and environment. Residents will find themselves held in the stillness and serenity of morning and evening meditation. As well as community work.

The residency fee is reduced to $250 during the Summer Program, though donations during the summer months (or any other time) are very much appreciated. 

In addition to zazen, meals, community work, classes, and teachings, it also includes:

Beginners’ Mind Weekend Meditation Retreat

Transforming the Inner Critic Weekend Workshop

Cultivating the Empty Field Sesshin 6-Day Meditation Retreat

Loving Kindness Weekend Meditation Retreat

Grasses, Trees and the Great Earth Sesshin : A 6-Day Meditation Retreat Outdoors

Please send an email to the Director of Residency for an application.