Amy Kisei Costenbader, Sensei

Amy Kisei Costenbader is an ordained Zen priest who lives and practices at Great Vow Zen Monastery where she has trained since 2010. She received Dharma Transmission from Chozen and Hogen, Roshis in 202o. Kisei is the Director of Residency and current board president of Zen Community of Oregon, and teaches Thursday nights via Zoom.

Events with Amy Kisei Costenbader, Sensei

Summer Practice Period Online - Awakened By The Ten Thousand Dharmas
July 7, 2020

Mountains and rivers right now are the actualization of the ancient Buddha way. Both mountains and rivers abide in their true form and actualize true virtue. Mountains and rivers transcend time and are alive in the eternal present. They are the original self and they are emancipation-realization. – Dogen Zenji Join Great Vow Residents for our Summer Practice Intensive by increasing your commitment to dharma practice. The theme for our practice period Awakened by the Ten Thousand Dharmas, invites us into the Dharma of the natural world. The whole Earth and the Great Sky are speaking to us constantly. Teaching us…