Patrick Bansho Green

Patrick Bansho Green has been practicing Zen since 2004 and was made a Dharma Holder in 2015. From 2006-2012, he served as ZCO President and is the current Administrator. For twenty years, he worked nationally with labor unions on creative organizational change strategies.

Events with Patrick Bansho Green

Summer Practice Period Online - Awakened By The Ten Thousand Dharmas
July 7, 2020

Mountains and rivers right now are the actualization of the ancient Buddha way. Both mountains and rivers abide in their true form and actualize true virtue. Mountains and rivers transcend time and are alive in the eternal present. They are the original self and they are emancipation-realization. – Dogen Zenji Join Great Vow Residents for our Summer Practice Intensive by increasing your commitment to dharma practice. The theme for our practice period Awakened by the Ten Thousand Dharmas, invites us into the Dharma of the natural world. The whole Earth and the Great Sky are speaking to us constantly. Teaching us…

Walking the Ancient Way Sesshin: a 10-day Online Meditation Retreat
October 15, 2020

Meditation takes time, and deep meditation, which leads to insight, takes more time. This 10-day intensive retreat offers the opportunity to discover places of deep stillness and wonder. Come and rest in the true source of your being.