Lama Lekshe

Lama Lekshe (Julia King Tamang) has been praticing Tibetan Buddhism since 1994 in Portland, Oregon, Nepal and India. Her teachers are Bokar Rinpoche, Khenpo Lodro Donyo Rinpoche, and Lama Michael Conklin. In 2018, she completed a traditional 3-year meditation retreat in the Shangpa Kagyu tradition. Before retreat, was a university teacher and a consultant to colleges. Lekshe is the founder of Dekeling

Events with Lama Lekshe

When Bad News is Good News: Cultivating Fearlessness In The Face of Adversity
February 4, 2022

Participants must be fully vaccinated including a booster AND receive a negative MOLECULAR (e.g. PCR, NAAT) Covid test within three days of arrival. The Covid situation is changing fast. Please stay tuned for updated requirements for in-person retreats.   The mind states of fear, anger, and negativity are pervasive in difficult times. During such times, most people inadvertently increase their suffering by escalating self-concern and self-protection. In a perhaps counter-intuitive way, the trained and determined practitioner recognizes and uses negative circumstances as precious opportunities for cultivating realization and freedom. But how, exactly can we do this?

 Following the practice-style of…