Darah Shonin Ashton

Darah Shonin Ashton has been practicing Zen since 2009 and was made a Dharma Holder in 2019.  She served on the ZCO Board of Directors for 6 years and is the current Treasurer.  She also works as a Chiropractor and is the mother of a grown son and daughter.

Events with Darah Shonin Ashton

Five Buddhist Precepts for Ethical Living - Sunday Online Class Series
October 17, 2021

The heart of our practice is zazen (meditation) and ethics. The ethical foundation of Zen Buddhism is the Five Precepts. We uphold the Precepts through active and ongoing work in our life. The Five Precepts are: I vow not to kill, but to cherish all life. I vow not to steal, but to respect the things of others. I vow not to lie, but to speak the truth. I vow not to misuse sexual energy, but to be respectful in mind and action. I vow not to misuse drugs or alcohol, but to keep the mind clear. For more about the…