Kodo Conover

Nancy Kodo Conover has been practicing Zen since 2000 and received Lay Transmission from Chozen and Hogen Roshi in 2015. In 2010 Kodo retired from a career as a vocational rehabilitation counselor to help establish Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple. She leads Tuesday night meditation and discussion at Heart of Wisdom, as well as our Work-a-Day Sesshin. She is married and has lived in the Pacific Northwest her whole adult life.

Events with Kodo Conover

Summer Mud & Flowers: Touching the Earth
July 23, 2022

Join us for a day of meditation, observation, creativity and appreciation of our natural environment. This event is kid-friendly for kids 6 and older. Kids 6 – 12 years old attend for free. In-person event: vaccinated and boosted This is a seasonal series of events which will help us to reconnect with our natural home, the earth. It will be held primarily outside in the garden at Heart of Wisdom. For this summer session we will place our attention on mud or clay and that which grows and blooms as flowers. A vegetarian lunch is included and will be part…

Grasses, Trees, and the Great Earth Sesshin
August 15, 2022

Earth body, sky heart. Rooted and flowing. Luminous and open. We are made of earth and sky, of wind breath and rain song, our lives woven from the teachings of the natural world. This retreat is an opportunity to re-connect and relax into the wild, ancient, wisdom of the Grasses, Trees and Great Earth. We will spend time learning from each of the five elements, as they manifest in our experience. Deeply exploring and releasing into our interconnection with the living, breathing body of the Earth, waters, energizing air, bright fiery sun, and vast spacious sky. This retreat is held…

November Sesshin - Gratefulness
November 7, 2022

  With gratitude for our beloved sangha near and far, in person and on zoom, the Monastery joyfully offers another sesshin. This sesshin has no set price. All are welcome to attend, and donations from the heart are welcome. During this week of practice, we will eat only the offerings brought to us specifically for this retreat. So food donations, while always welcome, are particularly helpful! Bring food that you like to eat, bring food that will challenge our cook and kitchen heart. She will need to dive into creativity and allow the surprises of each donation to manifest our…