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30 Poems in 30 Days

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Week Four: Silence Speaks

Voice springs from the source.

The spontaneity of our lives is a constant happening. Most of the time we speak, words flow naturally--sometimes to our surprise!

For this last week of poetry month, choose a subject:


Sit with the subject. Settle deeply forgetting poetry, writing, yourself. Let the subject in. Write from the source. Allow spontaneity.

"Some words will never leave God's mouth no matter how hard you listen."
"To understand many things, you must reach out of your own condition"
"Beauty can shout, or whisper, but still it explains nothing."
"The point is, you are you, and that's for keeps"
Quotes from Mary Oliver's Poem Leaves and Blossoms along the Way.


Led by Amy Kisei Costenbader and Cibyl Kavan.

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From Thursday, March 31 to Saturday, April 30, 2016