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The VOW Continues Housing Campaign

It is our deep vows that provide a sense of direction and anchoring in our lives. And though their fulfillment may not come to pass in our lifetime, the Great Vows are carried on, endlessly, mysteriously, by future generations. -Hogen Roshi


At Great Vow there are many residents committing to long-term practice. Our dorms are over-flowing, and for two years we have been housing an ordained couple in the forest retreat hut. We need to improve housing for the residents! 

Join us in The Vow Continues Housing Campaign, where we plan to;

1. Open the Retreat Hut up for public use.

2. Convert LIberation Hall into two apartments for our four ordained priests.

3. Renovate the dorms in the resident's area.

Please help support Great Vow Zen Monastery in this exciting time of expansion and renewal--as we continue to provide a refuge to realize and actualize our innate compassion and fundamental freedom.

To make a donation follow this link.