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The VOW Continues Housing Campaign

Update on the Housing Campaign

Liberation Hall is reaching completion. Thank you to all who donated time, money and supplies to convert this out-building into apartments!

Special Thanks to:

Project Manager: Jeff Whittaker

Skilled Construction Work: James Halsey, Andrew Trask

Janet at Classique Floors for the cork flooring

Peter Glavin for the tile and wood floor

Shinzan, Soten, Price and the Great Vow residents and retreatants who have put countless hours into creating this new home.

Everyone who sent in donations at the end of the year to support this campaign.

There is still work to do! The kitchenette will have counters and a tiled floor. A compost toliet will be installed and a deck. Move in has begun!


More projects are in the works! 

Please stay posted.

To make a donation follow this link.