Call for Silent Auction items!

It's time to line up your items for the silent auction at the
Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple
Founders' Dinner, Saturday, September 14!

Contact Suzan at

What can you put in the silent auction? Here are some suggestions.
Buddhist and handmade items, a weekend at the beach, house cleaning, your services (hauling, fixing, mending), dinner at your house with your family, tempting deserts, handmade samue, meditation supplies, Buddhist-focused or other art work—from high priced to inexpensive—use your imagination!

Reserve your place in the silent auction now!
As soon as you know what you will be putting into the auction, email
Send your name, the name of your item, and details you want people to know.
If you later decide not to participate, please let us know. We understand things happen, but it will help to RSVP soon.

Submit your photos!
We will be posting photos of everyone's items online before the auction.
Please email a digital photo(s) of your item(s) with your name and item description to as soon as possible.
For perishable items, if you have a representation of your item (recipe photo), send that.

Delivery of items
Bring your item(s) to Heart of Wisdom any time before September 14 (the day before the event).
Please put your item in a box and write your name and the name of the item on the outside of the box. Put the same information inside the box.
If you item is very small, please make sure the box is big enough that your entry won't be lost.
Kodo can receive your item before practice, or you can leave your box in the temple office.
If you have a perishable item, you can bring it to the dinner, but you must confirm you are delivering to the event by September 14 as we need to make bid sheets.

Delivery of perishable items
Bring your item to the dinner, or contact Kodo.
Be sure to send us a description. We need to do bid sheets before the event.

We welcome all items!
They are your donation to Heart of Wisdom.
There are no reserves or return of plates or other materials.