Jizo Book


By Jan Chozen Bays, Roshi

This book covers the historical evolution of Jizo Bodhisattva as viewed across Asia and in the United States. Inspired by her own personal experience with Jizo practice, Chozen Roshi has written this compelling text to help readers better understand how Jizo can help people confront human suffering. In straightforward text, accompanied by beautiful black and white photographs and illustrations, she has written the perfect book for those who are grieving, those who have lost loved ones, or anyone with an interest in Buddhism. It includes chapters on iconography, Jizo as protector of women and children, the Earthstore Bodhisattva sutra, and the water baby ceremony. Jizo Bodhisattva will bring you closer to understanding the rich, diverse ways in which Buddhism is practiced across the globe.

Available in hardcover and softcover (pictured).

Both editions are signed by the author.

Price: $17.00