• Oriyoki

    Oriyoki Sets are used for traditional eating meditation in Japanese monasteries and in many Zen centers throughout the world.

    A complete set includes 5 bowls and all standard Soto cloths and utensils. The cloths are made at Great Vow Zen Monastery.

    The utensils include a wooden spoon, wooden chopsticks, and a spatula with a rubber scraper.

    There are two kinds of bowls to choose from: "Bakelite" bowls and wooden bowls.

    "Bakelite" plastic bowls (pictured) are a sleek black. They are slighty heavier and much more durable then the wooden bowls. The are imported from Japan.

    Wooden bowls are made from Mango wood, an ecologically friendly choice, because mango trees grow quickly and are used for their fruit until they're too old to produce. After they're harvested for the wood, the trees are replanted again for their fruit. Warning: the wooden bowls have been known to crack when boiling water is poured in them. If this happens we will replace the cracked bowl.

    • Oriyoki type: Bakelite plastic