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December 2018
12/09 Monastery Shuso Hosen : A Ceremony Celebrating the End of the Training Year
12/14 Monastery ALMOST FULL - Beginner's Mind Weekend Meditation Retreat
12/16 Monastery Full Priest Ceremony for Soten and Kisei
12/22 Zen Temple Full Moon Loving Kindness Meditation Practice
12/24 Monastery Monastery Closed for Christmas Break
12/28 Zen Temple Beyond the Sound - An Evening of Listening Meditation
12/31 Offsite New Year's Eve Sangha Event with Dharma Rain
January 2019
01/02 Monastery Winter Practice Period : Rest, Radiance and Expression
01/06 Zen Temple Waking Up to Whiteness: Using the Dharma to Dismantle Oppression
01/10 Monastery New Year's Sesshin: A 3-Day Silent Meditation Retreat
01/12 Zen Temple Investigating Zen Practice
01/20 Monastery Let's 'Stick' Together: A Marimba Class Series
01/28 Monastery The Inquiring Heart: A Weeklong Workshop
February 2019
02/08 Monastery Loving Kindness Weekend Meditation Retreat
02/09 Zen Temple Winter Zazenkai: A Day of Zen Practice
02/18 Monastery Pari-Nirvana Sesshin: A 6-Day Meditation Retreat
March 2019
03/08 Monastery Beginner's Mind Weekend Meditation Retreat
03/15 Monastery Oneness Hears Sesshin: A 9-Day Meditation Retreat with Sound
April 2019
04/10 Monastery Silver Dragons Sesshin: A Meditation Retreat for People over 60
04/22 Monastery Roaring Spaciousness Sesshin : A 6-Day Meditation Retreat
May 2019
05/04 Zen Temple Investigating Zen Practice
05/20 Monastery Luminous Streams Sesshin: A Traditional Zen Retreat Honoring the Teachings of Our Lineage
June 2019
06/18 Monastery Loving Kindness Sesshin: A 5-Day Meditation Retreat
July 2019
07/12 Monastery Awakening the Body: A Weekend of Meditation & Yoga
07/15 Monastery Cultivating the Empty Field Sesshin: A 6 Day Meditation Retreat
August 2019
08/12 Monastery Grasses, Trees, and the Great Earth Sesshin: A 6-Day Meditation Retreat Outdoors
October 2019
10/17 Monastery Walking the Ancient Way Sesshin: A Ten Day Meditation Retreat