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WElcome to the ZenWOrks Shop

The ZenWorks store opened at of Great Vow Zen Monastery in 1999, where it continues to thrive today. The store was started by our abbess, Chozen Roshi and was envisioned as a way to support people in their home practice as well as providing a source of income for the monastic community. This mission continues today as we strive to only offer items that directly support spiritual practice, specifically the practice of seated meditation and practice with Jizo Bodhisattva. Our cushions, mats, benches, and many of our statues and other products are handmade by monastics and community members during our “work practice” time. Work practice is an opportunity to bring the qualities of presence, whole-hearted engagement, and kindness into our work. These products are the result of our intention to embody our meditation in action. We hope that you can sense the mindfulness and care that goes into them. 100% of our profits go to support Great Vow Zen Monastery and Heart of Wisdom Zen Temple. We appreciate your business and thank you for your support!

Shipping: Great Vow Zen Monastery is on retreat at least once a month; items are not shipped during these times. Please check the calendar for sesshin dates. Shipping rates are based on destinations in the United States. Additional charges apply for international shipping; please email ZenWorks or call 503-728-0654 for information.

Express Shipping: If you need your item quickly, please call or send an email to ZenWorks. There may be additional charges.

Return policy: Items may be returned in their original condition within 30 days for a full refund. Shipping charges cannot be refunded.