Larry Fuho Trussell

Larry Fuho Trussell has been practicing Zen since 1976, and received Lay Transmission from Chozen and Hogen Roshi in 2015. Fuho is the lead teacher on Sunday mornings at Heart of Wisdom. He is one of the sesshin leaders in ZCO. He works as a research scientist and is married with one grown son.

Events with Larry Fuho Trussell

Autumn Ango: A Time To Lean Into Practice
October 13, 2020

This Dharma is abundantly present in each human being, but if we do not practice it, it does not manifest itself, and if we do not experience it, it cannot be realized. – Dogen Zenji As we witness transformation of season, our lives, and the physical world around us, our Ango practice period approaches. With the potential for unrest and polarization increasing as we head into the election and beyond, practicing and contributing equanimity, empathy and a deep vision of reality is a great gift to our communities. The Buddha asked his students to take periods of time for more…

Gratitude Sesshin: A Six Day Online Meditation Retreat
November 16, 2020

This sesshin is founded on the transformative power of gratitude.  We can develop gratitude as we reflect on the people, events, and things of our lives.  But by using meditation we can also direct awareness to the continual support that each moment brings, the force of the universe that gives us life breath by breath.  When we become aware of that continual offering of life that comes towards each of us, then the heart opens and we respond with continual gratitude It is our intention to offer the supportive structure to allow you to do a week long meditation retreat at home. You…