Zen Community of Oregon Covid Policy

Great Vow

Sunday morning program is open to in-person attendance. Please bring proof of vaccination and a mask. You can also join via Zoom or YouTube. Details here.
Retreats are open for in-person retreats with testing and vaccination. You can also join us online.

  • Proof of vaccination is required for attendance at sesshin or other retreats, and for monastery residency.

  • A negative molecular Covid test, taken within 3 days of attendance is required. Please see below or more information on testing.
  • Please bring your vaccination card to attend a ZCO event in person.

Heart of Wisdom

All Heart of Wisdom meditation begins in person programming beginning Oct 24. Meditation in person is available on Sunday evening, and Tuesday Sunday mornings begin in person attendance on 10/31. In order to attend in person bring your proof of vaccination and your mask. To maintain social distance we limit participation to 25 people.

Meditation on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Friday evenings are still online only. All can be found on the calendar page.

Testing Information

Acceptable Test Types
In response to the sudden rise of the Delta variant we require that all retreat guests take a COVID test prior to coming to the monastery (in addition to being fully vaccinated). Specifically we are asking for a molecular test (NAAT, PCR, etc.), not an antigen test. The molecular tests are significantly more accurate than the antigen tests. The rapid molecular test “ID NOW” is less accurate than the lab tests, but is acceptable.It may take a day or two to receive your results so we recommend you schedule your test for Tues or Wed before your arrival.

Testing Locations
 You can be tested for free at: CVS (Click Here)
 or at 
Walgreens (Click Here)
Other locations with various costs can be found through the Oregon Health Authority or Washington State Department of Health,

What we are doing at the monastery

For our part we have asked all residents to limit public excursions to short trips to the grocery store and to wear a mask when doing so (all residents are also fully vaccinated). The shared dorms and general communal nature of the monastery makes it infeasible to wear masks together while on retreat. We are taking these steps not only for the benefit of the residents of the monastery but also for the health of our community(s) as a whole.

If you live with someone who is unvaccinated or if you are concerned at all about attending and choose to cancel we will provide you with a full refund.

Current State of Oregon Covid Policy

“All businesses, employers and faith institutions are required to:

  • Continue to apply and enforce the mask, face covering and face shield guidance, and physical distancing requirements in state COVID-19 guidance to all individuals unless a business,  employer or faith institution:  
  • Has a policy for checking for proof of vaccination status of individuals; and
  • Requests proof of vaccination status from each individual; and

  • Reviews each individual’s proof of vaccination prior to entry or admission.
  • A business,  employer or faith institution that has a policy for requesting and checking for proof of vaccination and requests and reviews proof of vaccination may permit fully vaccinated individuals with proof of vaccination to go without a mask, face covering or face shield, and does not need to enforce physical distancing requirements for such individuals.”

You can read more here: State of Oregon Covid policy